1, Nov 2023
Cannabis Strains – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

If you’re a regular weed concentrates or you know someone who is, chances are you have heard of the terms “Indica”, “Sativa”, and “Hybrid”. You may also be familiar with the names that are given to these different strains like Sour Diesel or Blueberry Kush. But what do these classifications actually mean?

It is important to remember that the terms indica, sativa, and hybrid are botanical names that refer to a plant’s physical structure, not its effects. So while indicas and sativas do describe the effects that some consumers experience, they are not universal. People react to cannabis very differently from one another and even within the same group based on their body chemistry.

Beyond Indica and Sativa: A Journey Through Diverse Cannabis Strains

While the indica/sativa/hybrid categorization does not always speak to the effects of a particular cannabis product, many growers and dispensaries still use these classifications when labeling their products. This is because these labels are helpful to consumers when it comes to describing the products and how they might feel.

The terpenes (the chemicals that give a particular cannabis strain its smell and flavor) and the concentration of cannabinoid molecules, including THC and CBD, vary from plant to plant, crop to crop, and even from batch to batch. Each of these variables can have a dramatic impact on how a particular cannabis strain will make you feel, which is why it’s important to test out a variety of different products before settling on a favorite.

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