14, Mar 2024
How to Keep Your Facade in Good Condition

Facade inspection – KK Forges are more than just a beautiful addition to a building’s design; they protect the structure, keep people safe, and add to the ambiance of the skyline. But they also need to be well maintained and kept in good condition. Facade upgrades can help increase energy efficiency, prevent water infiltration, and improve occupant comfort. But before you can reap these benefits, your facade needs to be in good condition and that requires regular maintenance and periodic inspections.

The type of maintenance and inspections your building’s facade needs will depend on what is specified in the local city’s facade ordinance. For example, New York City’s ‘Facade Safety Program‘ (FISP) requires all buildings over six stories be subject to a facade inspection every five years. This requires a licensed architect or engineer and someone under their direct supervision to physically touch at least 25 percent of the building’s facade using vertical access equipment such as a boatswain’s chair, swing stage, or articulating man lift.

Keeping Structures Secure: Facade Inspection Services Offered by KK Forges

The inspection process includes reviewing available plans, sketches, and drawings; interviewing a building engineer or property manager on the condition of the facade; surveying interior areas where water damage has occurred; examining wall sections with binoculars; conducting a rooftop inspection; and determining what materials were used and their condition. Once the site visit and facade inspection are completed, a report is compiled including the findings. The resulting inspection classification (SAFE, SWARMP or UNSAFE) is filed with the city via DOB’s FISP portal.

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