19, Jan 2024
The Best-Seller – The CBD Pain Stick

Our best-selling cbd pain stick is perfect for when you need relief for sore muscles and joints. This product contains more than 600mg of full-spectrum CBD and a touch of menthol for instant relief. The easy-to-use application stick makes it great for those who need a quick rubdown before, after or during workouts. URL https://www.quietmonkcbd.com/product/cbd-pain-stick/

Studies have shown that CBD significantly reduces the inflammatory effects associated with joint pain and is effective in reducing symptoms of neuropathic pain. This type of pain is attributed to damage to nerves and can be the result of diseases like multiple sclerosis, injuries such as herniated discs, or infections such as shingles.

Research has also shown that CBD can improve the quality of life of those with chronic neuropathic pain. In one study, participants were asked to rate their level of pain and difficulty performing activities of daily living on a scale of 1-10 prior to starting treatment. At the end of the 6-week period, subjects were reassessed and reported a significant decrease in their pain levels along with improved function.

Unlike oil and edible products, creams are a good option for treating specific areas of the body, such as sore shoulders or knees. These topical CBD products are formulated with natural emollients to help the active analgesic ingredients penetrate deep into muscle and joint tissue to increase blood flow, interrupt pain signaling, and soothe discomfort.

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