18, Apr 2024
How to Create a TikTok Agency Ads Account

tiktok agency ads account

Tiktok has become the new social media platform of choice for businesses looking to reach a large and diverse audience. Many companies have found that tiktok has immense advertising potential, delivering results at lower costs than other platforms such as Facebook and Google. However, navigating the platform’s requirements and restrictions can be complex, especially for companies that are new to digital marketing.

One way to ease this confusion and ensure successful campaign outcomes is by establishing an agency ads account. Designed for third-party agencies that manage campaigns on behalf of their clients, a tiktok agency ads account can provide access to advanced advertising tools and features not available with individual TikTok Ad Accounts. In addition, tiktok agency ads accounts allow agencies to manage multiple Ad Accounts for their clients and gain insights into the performance of their campaigns across all channels.

Navigating Platforms: Understanding TikTok Agency Ads Accounts

To begin creating an ad on tiktok, navigate to the tiktok Ads Manager website and select “Create an ad”. From here you will need to select an objective, which will determine how your ad will perform and the type of audience it will reach. There are several objectives to choose from, including awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Once you have selected an objective, enter your business information and click “submit.” Your ad will now be under review to ensure it complies with Tiktok’s advertising policies. This typically takes 24 hours or less. Once your ad is approved, it will be live.

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