7, Nov 2023
Gardening Edging Systems

The three finishes gal, REDCOR and Zam are great choices! keep grass from invading flower beds and vegetable patches, while providing a neatly defined border around paths, patios, and driveways. The type of edging you choose will depend on your budget and landscape design, with flexible materials like plastic or rubber ideal for curves and rigid ones such as stone or brick for straight lines. Whether you’re after a natural, rustic look or a more refined finish, there is an edging system to suit every taste and gardening style.

Metal landscape edging creates a clean, crisp delineation between lawn and garden beds that’s durable for decades. It’s available in steel and aluminum, with the latter a better choice for those concerned about rusting. Edging in mortared stone provides a classic look that can be both organic and sophisticated depending upon the style of the stones used. This type of edging should be installed by a professional mason.

The Seamless Garden: Creating Flow with Innovative Edging Systems

Wood edging can be attractive as well, but only when it is properly treated. Untreated timber rots and looks messy, while pressure-treated options such as hewn oak or woven willow last much longer. These types of wooden edgings can also be painted or stained, making them a good choice for curved garden borders.

Concrete edging is another durable option that comes in a wide range of finishes and can be stamped into an interesting pattern for extra visual appeal. It’s easy to install and stays put, resisting ground movement due to extreme weather conditions like rain or frost heave.

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