13, Apr 2024
How to Give Your Childcare Enrolment Boost

childcare marketing  Enrolment Boost

Whether you run an independent daycare or work at a larger child care marketing, a robust marketing strategy is the key to keeping your enrollments up and your parents happy. Enrollment marketing helps parents feel comfortable choosing your daycare over others close by. It also helps you stay top of mind when they’re searching for childcare centers in their area.

When it comes to local daycare marketing, few strategies are more effective than getting your name out through word-of-mouth. Get your current families to spread the word by asking them to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review sites. You can also ask your local grocery stores and other businesses that serve parents (such as trampoline parks) if you can leave flyers on their bulletin boards or by their registers.

Beyond Flyers and Brochures: Modern Print Marketing Ideas for Childcare Centers

A daycare’s most valuable asset is its reputation. It’s important to monitor online reviews and take action when they’re positive or negative. Responding to each review is a great way to show your potential parents that you’re active in your community and care about the opinions of your customers.

For a quick and affordable way to market your child care business, try Facebook ads. These are a great way to target parents in your area with an ad that’s specifically designed to showcase the benefits of your school or center.

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