8, May 2024
Pirate Blackbeard Flag Lesson Plan

During the early 18th century, Edward Teach – better known as pirate Blackbeard – terrorized the seas with his fleet of ships. His fearsome manner and style intimidated not only his enemies but also his crew. Like other pirates, he adorned his ship with flags that conveyed a message of death, devil or warfare. These flags, known as “Jolly Roger” flags, often featured skulls, crosses bones, hourglasses, skeletons and spears piercing hearts leaking drops of blood. These symbols warned any enemy encountering a pirate ship that they faced imminent, merciless, and ruthless death.Learn more:https://ultimateflags.com/collections/pirate-blackbeard-flag/

It is believed that Blackbeard wore this particular pirate flag while sailing his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge. However, the popular image of Blackbeard’s flag depicts a horned skeleton holding an hourglass in one hand and a spear piercing a heart that bleeds three drops of blood in the other. This is actually a combination of the symbols of Death and the Devil, referred to as memento mori.

The Infamous Blackbeard Flag: A Symbol of Pirate Legend

Skulls and skeletons on a pirate’s flag signaled that the time to surrender was running out. Hourglasses were a reminder that one’s life could be cut short at any moment. Spear piercing a heart and leaking drops of blood represented a cruel and merciless death. This type of symbolism can be found on countless gravestones across America and Europe and was meant to remind people that they, too, will eventually die. Incorporating the Pirate Blackbeard Flag into a lesson plan provides an opportunity to teach students about these themes in a fun and engaging way.

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